April 2020


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Branch Rescue of the month

Garie’s Midson Patrol wins Rescue of the month! for march

Welcome back to the Garie Gazette.

We are restarting the Garie Gazette, the Garie newsletter. The name “Garie Gazette” was chosen to keep in step with our traditional naming format, ie Garie Goosepimples (our winter swimming club), Garie Guppies (our nippers) and then Garie Gazette, all starting with “G”.
It was decided the font used for the heading of the Gazette would be one like the old newspapers, to give it a little character. This was done with an old typewriter, wax stencils and a lot of “white-out” followed by a lot of time and effort printing and compiling it. Because of this it was usually only published when important events were coming up, patrols, Garie Carnival, membership renewals, etc.
Now, with the advent of computers, our webpage and facebook page we are hoping to publish a Gazette on the first Sunday of each month. The content is proposed to include competitions, old photos, gossip items and of course current news. Please feel free to make any contributions, remember this is your Gazette.
Rita Taylor
Club Historian | Garie Surf Life Saving Club

Members Profile

Mikala Welsh

How long have you been at garie?
2 seasons with Garie

What position do you hold at the club?

I am education manager.

What SLS awards do you have

Bronze, ARTC, first aid, training cert, spinal, and silver medallion beach management.


What do you do for a living

I am a Veterinarian


Did you know

I have a pet snake  and  wombats don’t have kneecaps


Best moment to date?

Best moment was the feb 2nd patrol this season where Anisa brought the food and everyone did the races


Club Updates 

Welcome to the new format for the Garie Gazette, we will be looking at putting these out on the first Sunday of each month so keep your eye out for them. If anyone has ideas, contributions or would like to assist in compiling these newsletters please contact Newsletter@garieslsc.com.au

Patrols may have come to an end for the season but there are still many things happening with the club

  • Our Finance Director Owen Skjeime is preparing our finances to go to the Auditors
  • Our Director of Administration Patricia Dillon is currently putting the Annual Report together so she will be chasing everyone up for reports and items for inclusion
  • Jessika Hay Director of Operations and her team are currently servicing all our gear in preparation for the coming season
  • The Royal National Park are carrying out some major maintenance on our clubhouse, this work should all be completed by the start of next season
  • Angus, our IT guy, is looking at ways to hold our AGM in August in case we are still in lockdown.
    There will be more on this in further issues of the Gazette
  • At the moment we are looking at holding both the Senior and Junior presentations in early September, again we will keep you posted on this.


Brad Taylor
Club President | Garie Surf Life Saving Club

Instagram Photo of the month.

This months winner is from Jessika!!!

This is by default as Jessika was the only person who posted last month…

When posting to Facebook or Instagram remember to add @garieslsc

Education Update.


What a year… Or should that be season

It is hard to imagine just how good this year has been in new member awards we have done proficiencies and completed a wide range of upskilling (For Example – Surf30 Drivers – Bronze assessors – Gold – Aquatic Rescue etc). More details of this will be forthcoming but really everyone has been amazing in assisting Garie to achieve so much.

That said we need your help to maintain all your great achievements. Being in lockdown will make getting up to speed for the new season just a little bit harder physically but for our brains there are some good tools. Subtle hint – make sure you are signed up to the SLS NSW learning via the member portal. Check out https://bronzies.com/ to keep up to date with your signals. How many can you get correct in a row? Send your score into cto@garieslsc.com.au

On a lighter note – can you all have a think and suggest some fun ways we can learn – take pictures of yourself practicing surf skills (physically safe and brand aware) – or suggest fun yet non practical surf life saving skills we should be learning, you can send these into cto@garieslsc.com.au along with you Bronzies score.

Thanks all,


Nick Tyler & Mikala Welsh
Education | Garie Surf Life Saving Club

@GarieSLSC takes on #MasterChefAU



Over the next few newsletters We will be running a junior competition to find our most promising junior home cooks.


This month we are looking for Entree’s

1. Help your parents prepare dinner one night this week, including your entree
2. Photograph your dish (and if you like add your method)
3. Share your photos & method on Instragram Include: @garieslsc #masterchefAU
4. Keep your eyes peeled (see what we did there) for the next challenge.
5. There will be a prize for the best overall submissions, and the prestige of being Garie’s first ever Little Masterchef.


We will also accept submissions via newsletter@garieslsc.com.au


Competition Rules:

All Iso rules apply, and social distancing standards are to be observed as part of the competition – easy right because we’re there already!

Moments in Time: 


Sharks on the beach.

In the early years of the club, Garie’s patrols had to bury the scary remains of the fishermen’s catches from the night before before setting up for patrols, otherwise not too many people would be going in for a swim.

Its competition time!!! We want to see your baby photos!

Each issue a new photo will be put up on our Garie SLSC Current Members Page on Facebook Our members will take guesses on who they think belongs to the baby photo, if someone guesses correctly within 24hrs they will receive a Garie trucker cap!



What we need

 1. Your baby photo (funny, crying, smiling, serious) we just need to see your face clearly

2. A Current photo of you

3. Send them to Newsletter@garieslsc.com.au

Upcoming Dates

SATURDAY 1st August 2020

Annual General Meeting

2pm – Location TBA