Garie Surf Life Saving Club is hosting the Annual Junior Proficiencies Pool Proficiencies over 2 dates Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of September 2019. at Engadine Leisure Centre!

If you can’t make it this weekend North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club has kindly allowed us to use their pool on the 22nd of September should anyone not be able to make the pool proficiencies this weekend, and would like to do the pool proficiency on the 22nd of September please email

Pool Fees for the proficiency
Proficiencies will be held at Engadine Leisure Centre
the fees will be payable at the pool gate prior to entry

Swim Child (Child Under 14) – $5.90
Adult Swim (16 and Over) – $7.70
Access Fee (Adult Spectators No Swim) – $2.00
Access Fee (Adult Spectators No Swim) – $Free
Swim – Family (max 2 adults and 3 children or 1 adult and up to 4 children) $ 27.00

Membership Renewals!
Ideally we would prefer you to complete your renewals, and registration online via,, however if you can’t we will be able to process Registration, and renewals manually on the day, we will be able to take both cash, or debit/credit card

If you could please try to complete registrations and renewals prior to the 30th of September that will give us time to complete all Data entry prior to the 1st day of nippers on the 13th of October 🙂

Active Kids Vouchers
Yes, we can accept active kids vouchers for the purpose of renewals, and Registrations

Parents Registration
Ideally, we would like parents to join, and take part within the Surf Life Saving Club! However, it is not required. Non-members cannot take part in Activities as they are will be insured

Park Passes
The NPWS is going through the process of updating how Garie Surf Life Saving Club Interfaces with NPWS for the purpose of registering and renewing park passes. 
an email will be sent to all parents with relation to park passes closer to the First Day of Nippers

What happens if my child fails to make the proficiency requirements 
We do not want to turn away nippers from joining because they have failed to meet the nipper requirements. we will give every opportunity for any nipper to re-attempt pool assessment
in the event that a child fails to make the benchmark set by SLSA the assessor will advise the parent what the child needs to practice. the parent then can take the child to another lane and practice, and when ready can re-attempt the proficiency

If the child still cannot meet the proficiency requirement We can still accept them as “Not Yet Proficient” however they will not be able to take part in water activities unless there is a designated SRC or Bronze Holder available in the water for the child whilst they are in the water; the caveat is that currently we don’t have the resources to guarantee that each “Not Yet Proficient” nipper will have an available Water Safety Member available; this is where parents/caregivers can help if a parent chooses to complete a (SRC) or (Bronze) Bronze Medallion Course they can step in as water safety  

What happens After the Proficiencies have been completed! 
Under 9s and up are recommended to complete the Competition Skills Evaluation
It is not mandatory; however, Garie Nippers compete with other clubs at carnivals throughout the season, without the competition skills evaluation they will not be able to compete in the water events, each season Garie Competes at The RNP District Carnival the children from all the clubs have a awesome time

Nippers Calendar
A PDF Calendar will be mailed out to parents next week
there currently is an UpToDate online calendar

Volunteers for the season
Garie Surf Life Saving Club is run by Volunteers; we have positions to fill for the season 

  • Water Safety Personnel
  • Age Managers / Assistants

If you are interested in helping at nippers, please email
Stephanie Griffiths the Director of Junior Development will be out and about on both proficiency dates to answer any questions