It was our sad duty to attend the funeral for Frank Osborne during the season. In writing this vale for Frank, I was given pause to ponder. My experiences of Frank, were of a kind man, who showed up at the gear inspection to look over the First Aid, have a laugh and a chat, Frank was always ready to lend assistance. Some people walk through life in an unassuming and humble fashion, Frank was one of those people.

His list of achievements are huge, Frank was one of the first instructors to work with Dr. Ian Mackie and the newly introduced Oxy Viva’s way back when. He was one of the first crewmen in the rescue helicopter service. He toured America with the first international lifeguard championships. He  held the position of District supervisor in the ’70s. Frank also spent many years on the gear inspection panel with the Board of Control. Frank was a Life member of SLS NSW, SLS Sydney, and also his beloved club Era. A few people reading this would have fond memories of his guidance as he trained them for their Bronze Medallions.

Frank’s greatest loves were his family, and Era, but he always had time for his friends in neighbouring clubs, on many occasions, pitching in to lend solid assistance when he saw their need.

It is good to acknowledge Frank’s life that was filled with many great achievements and honours. But I would also wish to note, it’s not the big distinctions that always count. The simple fact is he will be truly missed by all who knew him because he was an incredibly nice bloke.

Patricia Dillon
Honorary Secretary