On behalf of the Committee welcome to the 2018/19 season. A few important pieces of information below. We are looking forward to seeing you on the beach!


The Nipper season has kicked off with the first nipper proficiency being held at Bundeena. A big thank you to Club members who helped out with water safety! If you have any nipper inquiries please contact Belinda jac@garieslsc.com.au

Patrol Roster

As you are aware Garie SLSC Club members are only patrolling on Sunday’s this season. Please click the link for the Patrol Roster. If you have any questions or cannot make one of your patrols please try to organise a substitute person. Please see your Patrol Captain in the first instance for any inquiries.

Proficiency Dates
Bronze – 4th Nov, 11th Nov, 18th Nov, 2nd Dec, 9th Dec
ARTC – 18th Nov, 2nd Dec
IRB – 18th Nov, 25th Nov

Patrol members you are responsible for coming down to the beach for your bronze, artc and irb proficiencies. If you are not available for Patrol on your proficiency day, please make sure you attend another patrols bronze proficiency.

Patrol captains you will be responsible for assessing your patrol members for their Bronze Medallion. Please make sure you fill in the pink assessment form with your patrol members details and hand it back in. If you have any questions please contact Jess or Annie.

Training & Education
As we do not currently have the capacity to run any training courses this season, a few of our supporting Clubs within Sydney Branch have been kind enough to let Garie Members complete their training with them. Hopefully we will be able to organise a RNP Bronze/SRC Course to be held in the upcoming months. Please check the Training & Education calendar for upcoming events and contact Annie for more information education@garieslsc.com.au

24th & 25th Nov

ALBERT is Australian Lifesaving Boat Emergency Rescue Training, a program which has been developed and successfully delivered by Far North Coast Branch with Sydney Branch to now build on the success and help further develop our IRB Drivers and Crew.

We are looking for 5 club members to participate in the weekend. If you are interested please contact our new IRB Captain Louise Skjeime – louise.skjeime@hotmail.com


Welcome on board to Declan Grohala our new Youth Advisor. If you are aged between 13-18 please make contact with Declan and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events. Nippers U12/13/14 you are welcome to attend any Youth events.

Surf Life Saving Sydney

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank Jessika Hay for all her hard work throughout the off-season communicating with Sydney Branch to get our Saturday patrols up and running. This has been a huge effort by all involved and our Club members are grateful for the assistance that has been provided. A big thank you to all members from our supportive neighboring Clubs in Sydney Branch for helping us out.

If you haven’t had a chance to get down to the beach yet this season, please do! There is a great BUZZ going on! Welcome to all of our new committee members. Well done to all those involved during the off season with getting our gear, equipment and Club up and running!

See you soon!